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Audio Enhancement Using MP3Gain

Double click your MP3Gain shortcut from either your Start > Programs > MP3Gain ( Or for the CD Installation, Start > Programs > DVDtoDivX Toolbox or from your desktop folder, DVDtoDivX Toolbox, if you created one during installation.) After MP3Gain starts, set you Target "Normal" Volume to 99.0.

Press the Add Files button and navigate to your Project folder.

Double click on your .mp3 file. Then either right click on your file name and select Apply Track Gain

Or go to the Modify Gain menu and select Apply Track Gain. They both accomplish the same thing.

If you have more than one mp3 file, you can add them all either one at a time or by selecting the Add Folder button, then navigate to your Projects folder and select that folder. All .mp3s in that folder and sub folders will be added. Select them all (File>Select All) to apply the gain without having to do each one individually.

When it has completed you will see a Volume level, hopefully close to 99. It took around 2 minutes for this 96 minute movie to complete.

Do not worry if the audio has been clipped. It will still sound great.

Now you are ready for the next step.

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