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Setting Up Audio Preferences

Press Tools > Audio Preferences.

The Audio Preferences screen displays.

Check the Enable Audio ... box. These defaults will work fine, however, I play my DivX movies on my 55" wide screen TV connected to my surround sound system. The sound is good encoded at vbr 128, however, I prefer to encode at vbr 160 and the sound is great. If you are going to play your movies on your PC with inexpensive speakers or through your normal TV speakers or you want to keep the file size down, go with vbr 128, otherwise I recommend vbr 160.

As you can see, for this 96 minute movie the size difference was just a little over a 23 MB.

If you want to encode your audio at vbr 160, then select it in the Select Audio Encoder Setting drop down menu. Then check the Default box so all your movies will be encode at vbr 160.

Press OK and your done with the Audio Preferences.

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