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Setting Up Preferences

The first thing you need to do, and only do once, is to configure Robot4rip. Double click your Robot4rip shortcut from your Start > Programs > Gordian Knot > Robot4Rip (Or for the CD Installation, either from your Start > Programs > DVDtoDivX Toolbox or from your desktop folder, DVDtoDivX Toolbox, if you created one during installation.) After Robot4rip starts, Press Tools > Preferences.

The Preferences screen will display and the first options to setup are the Folders.


Select the drive for each folder where you want the files to be placed.

The ISO File folder is where your ISO image of the DVD will be copied. If you are going to create an ISO file be sure you have read my important note about FAT32 partitions. You will need around 8-10GB of available hard disk space. The Full Copy Folder is where every file on the DVD will be copied. You will need around 8-10GB of available hard disk space. The VOB Folder is where the VOB files that contain the chosen PGC that is ripped from the DVD (or ISO image or full copy backup) will be stored. You will need around 5-7GB of available hard disk space. The Project Folder is where the indexed and demuxed video and audio files will be stored. You will need around 2GB of available hard disk space.

I prefer to leave the path settings as is and to uncheck the Replace [space] ... box so that my final DivX movie name does not have "_" between the words in the title.

Full Copy/ISO Image

If you want to do either a Full Copy or an ISO Image, select the Full Copy/ISO Image tab.

If you chose to install Daemon Tools, then select Create an ISO image ... and check the Enable box. You will also have to locate daemon.exe. Click on the folder and navigate to where it was installed and and double click on daemon.exe. Then select the virtual drive letter that was created when Daemon Toos was installed.


If you want a Full Copy of the DVD and don't have Daemon Tools installed, I found it a little tricky, perhaps a bug in their code. The only way I have found to enable Full Copy is to check the Enable box, then go to the Daemon Tools section of the screen. Locate any file such as GordianKnot.exe and double click on it. Then select your DVD drive in the drop down list.


Next is the PGC Rip screen. Check Use DVDDecrypter and uncheck the Extract subtitle bitmaps box.

Indexing/ Demuxing

Next is the Indexing/Demuxing screen.

Even though it says DVD2AVI.exe, you must change the path and select DGIndex.exe instead (DGIndex is an advanced and improved version of DVD2AVI). Since Robot4Rip was made for DVD2AVI, the Auto "Force Film" function does not work, so uncheck it.

C:\Program Files\GordianKnot\DGMPGDec\DGIndex.exe

If Run hidden is checked you won't actually see a DGIndex window while DGIndex is running, but if you like to keep track of the progress you can uncheck it and you'll be able to see the DGIndex window including the progress bar.

Subtitles, Chapters & Finalize

The next 3 tabs, Subtitles, Chapters, and Finalize do not need to be modified.


Last is the Defaults screen.

If you have chosen to create an ISO Image, then check the ISO Image box. When I rip DVDs, I typically don't use my computer for anything else and I just want to get my DVDs ripped fast so I select Highest in the Process Priority drop down menu. If you plan on using your PC while you are ripping, then be sure to keep it at Idle.

Be sure to press Save to exit the Preferences screen so you don't lose your screen configurations.

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