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Windows Media Player

Since Windows Media Player Series 9 is the latest edition, that is the one I am going to reference. Most likely Windows Media Player is your default video player. That is, if you double click on the DivX (.avi) movie you made, it will probably start playing in Windows Media Player. If it doesn't, and you want it to, you can right click on the .avi file, choose Open With and select Windows Media Player.

If you want it to be your default player and it isn't, you can start Window Media Player and select Tools > Options.

Under Options, select File Types, select Windows video file (.avi), hit Apply, then OK.

Now, when you double click on the .avi file, Windows Media Player will start playing it. To toggle in and out of full screen mode you can either press the full screen icon in the lower right portion of the screen or press Alt + Enter on your keyboard.

In full screen mode the controls on the top and bottom will automatically disappear unless you have the 'Always show full screen controls' button on.

Windows Media Player is a pretty good all around media player but it lacked some features that I wanted in my setup, so I prefer BSPlayer.

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