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Cinema Premiere Deluxe Movie Manager 1.1 - SOFTPEDIA '100% CLEAN' AWARD

The editors of Sofotex has awarded Cinema Premiere a 5 start rating.

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Organize, Search, Sort & Play
Your Movies

Organize ALL types of movies in a user friendly web based design. The Cinema Premiere movie manager is the first online movie manager of its kind. It is not just a DVD organizer. It is an elaborate movie organizer that supports all types of media, from avi ( DivX ) and mpg movies on your hard drive to DVD's and VHS tapes. You can also keep track of movies you rented or loaned out and create your own wish list which you can even print out or display on your PDA. Easily adapts to support home movies and slide shows.

Access your movie database online (free membership available ) or set up your own personal server movie manager. With the online movie manager, you never have to worry about installing or updating the software. You can access your movie manager from any internet connection. You don't need a fast internet to import the movie information since it's all done on the server. With the Personal Server edition of the movie manager, you have all the source code at your disposal and you can tweak and modify it as much as you want. Both movie managers are compatible and your movie database can be imported and exported to and from the other.

Import movie information into your movie manager directly from The Internet Movie Database (, or enter it manually.

Import movie titles into your movie manager easily by using the automated import features. You can import movie file names directly from your hard drive (currently available only on the Personal Server Edition of the movie manager) or import movie titles from a text file. Using a program, such as the free Directory Printer, to write a directory listing of your movie files to a text file allows you to easily add all your movies on your hard drive into your movie database in minutes (approximately 2-10 seconds per movie). You can use the Add Multiple screen to scan in the UPC numbers of your DVD and VHS movies using a barcode scanner such as the inexpensive Cuecat. Or you can manually enter your movie titles, UPC numbers or file names. More >>

Search and sort on numerous types of criteria from an actors name to keywords in a plot. Add your own genres to help organize your home movies and slideshows. The movie manager has five different views to display your results, from thumbnail to detail. Print out your results to make a detailed or summarized directory of all your movies including the cover image. Export your search results to a text file selecting which fields and the order of the fields you want to export. Print it out and have a hard copy of your movies or put it on your PDA and take your list with you. More >>

Have a DVD carousal? Enter the slot number in the movie location field. The search result screens have instant access to the media type and movie location.

Want to know what the movie is about? The search result screens have 1 click access to the plot screen which also includes the movie's genre, user rating, MPAA rating, media type, location and a link to edit the movie information.

Playing movies on your hard drive from within the movie manager is as easy as clicking the thumbnail picture of the DVD cover. (You must be using Cinema Premiere's free browser to play movie files.) Your default movie player will automatically start. (BSplayer is an excellent free divx player.) Add your own pictures from your hard drive as a cover image for your home movies. Even play movies located on another PC on your network using a fast wireless connection or a direct connection through a router or a hub. More >>

Read on to learn more about the Cinema Premiere Movie Manager then give the demo a try and sign up for a free membership.

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