Cinema Premiere online movie manager / DVD organizer. Import, organize, search, sort and play your movies on all types of media.
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Searching For Movies


The 'Movies' screen uses the search defaults defined on the Options -> Default Search screen. This screen is very useful if you typically use the same search criteria to display your movies. For example on our media PC that is connected to our big screen TV, I have our movie manager setup to automatically start (CinemaPremiereOnline.exe was placed in the Start -> Programs -> Startup folder) when the PC boots up. The movie manager start screen is set to 'Movies' with the 'View Default' set to Thumbnail and the 'MPAA' rating default is set to G/PG. All other defaults are set to 'All'. This way when the kids turn on the PC it's ready for them to select a movie to watch.

See Searching For Movies for more details on the View, Movies per Page, Export to txt File, Print and Print All.

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