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What's New

1/31/13 changed their message format again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I updated ... More Info >>

Cinema Premiere Deluxe Movie Manager 1.1 - SOFTPEDIA '100% CLEAN' AWARD

The editors of Sofotex has awarded Cinema Premiere a 5 start rating.

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What Was New

On the Movies screen when the Search Defaults were set to search for more than one, but not 'All', media types and one or more, but not 'All', MPAA ratings are selected, the search results returned movies of all MPAA ratings. This also happened on the Advanced Search screen. The Online Movie Manger has been fixed and an update to the Personal Server will be released in the near future. If any Personal Server user wants the update before it is released, just email me and I will attach it in an email.
A new release/update to the Personal Server is now available to download.
While I was adding DVDs from a text file, I found 3 problems that have now been fixed. The first problem was with importing the countries and genres from The edit screen was not displaying properly because erroneous data was added to the Countries and Additional Genre Types in the Options screen. If you experience this problem, just delete the erroneous data from those text boxes on the Tools>Options>Misc screen. Sometimes problems importing from occur after they change their screen format. Please report any problems your find so they can be fixed ASAP.

The second problem was with importing movie information by UPC when the UPC is not found at

The third problem occurred while importing movie information from when there was no plot summary page. A warning message would display and the plot would not be imported.

A new release/update to the Personal Server will be made available in the next few days.
I found that when selecting "Print All" from the Detail view, it was not always printing each movie on a separate page. That has now been fixed in the online version. For the personal server users I also found that when you export your database, you will get an error when you try importing it back if you have any blank personal rating fields. This is not a problem if you export from your personal server and import to the online version or if you export from the online version and import to your personal server. I have made a fix in the import routine to change blank personal rating fields to zeros. I will post an update to the personal server with these changes in the near future.

I also found that Firefox is not allowing a user to Log Out correctly and I will be looking into this soon.
"Log Out" should now be working properly and a new feature was added to the batch edit screen. Now if you want to change the location field you can use the '*' as a wildcard in front of the 'old location' name or behind the 'old location' name.
The Personal Server Release 3.7 and Update 3.7 has been posted and can be downloaded now. This release/update fixes a problem importing movie information from when there are multiple movies returned from to select from. This also fixes a problem displaying movie covers from when the movie cover image has a '%' embedded in the name. This same fix was also made for CinemaPremiere Online.
A fix was made to correctly import movie information from when there are multiple movies returned from to select from.

An update for the Personal Server will be posted by Saturday.

I'm not sure how long this has been a problem. Like I have said before, please email me if anything is not working properly.
A user informed me that I was propagating the director's name as the name of the first actor and that I was including html tags with the "written by" in the plot. These items have been fixed.

As I told that user, I import data from and sometimes they change their format or position of fields and I have to go in and reprogram Cinema Premiere. I count on my customers to let me know when things change or don't look right so I can fix it ASAP.
06/28/07 changed their message format again. I fixed the problem that I was informed about but let me know if anything else is not importing correctly. For stand alone users, edit IMDB_Functions.php and in the routine function imdbTitle($title), change if (preg_match_all('/HREF="\/title\/tt([0-9]+)\/" onclick="set_args\(\'tt[0-9]+\',[0-9]+\,[0-9]+\)">([&#]*.+?[&#]*)<\/A>(.+?)<\/li>/i to if (preg_match_all('/HREF="\/title\/tt([0-9]+)\/">([&#]*.+?[&#]*)<\/A>(.+?)<\/td>/i'. Save the file.
If anyone is interested, I have a selection of cables, computer components and miscellaneous items that I want to get rid of. You can see the list of items and pictures of each item here.
04/28/07 has slightly changed their message format again for the Director field and I have updated the software to handle the director field correctly.

For Personal Server users, since it is such a minor change, I am not going to put out an entire update/release for it. You can easily make the change by editing IMDB_Functions.php in notepad or any other editor and near the end of the file in the function parsedata, change Directed by to Director:. Save the file and that's all there is to it.

preg_match('/Director:<\/h5><A HREF=.*?\/">(.*?)<\/A>/i',$resp['data'],$ary);
I have just released a new web site, It has nothing to do with movies and everything to do with real estate. AHT makes makes creating a web site for selling or renting property fast, simple and inexpensive. If you are not in the real estate market, but know someone that is, you can become an AHT affiliate and make money on every listing sold that uses your affiliate referral code.
Version 3.5 of the Personal Server edition of the movie manager has been released.
  1. Cinema Premiere's interface has been updated to interface correctly with's new changes.
  2. The 'wait' screen has been changed slightly, as it was using up additional system resources and causing the server response to slow down and possibly hang.
Thanks to a fellow Cinema Premiere user for bringing to my attention that has changed their message format again. Cinema Premiere's interface has now been updated with those new changes and should be importing all data correctly.

The 'wait' screen has also been changed slightly, as it was using up additional system resources and causing the server response to slow down.

These changes will be updated in the personal server edition and released in the next couple of days.

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