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Spitting a DivX Movie | Copying to CD | Copying to DVD

Burning DivX Movies to CD or DVD

Once you created your DivX movie, you have to decide what you want to do with it. It is certain that you should keep it on more than one media after going to the trouble of creating it. For that matter, you should always keep a backup of any of your work that you don't want to lose. I keep all my movies on my PC 's hard drive that is connected to my TV and on a 250 GB external hard drive.

If you want to copy your movies to a CD you must have a CD R/W drive. Likewise, if you want to copy them to a DVD you must have a DVD R/W drive. All retail R/W drives come with software to write data to them. A typical one is Nero and in my examples I will be referencing Nero Express.

Splitting a DivX Movie

When copying a movie to a CD you must make sure they will fit. Most CDs are 700 MB so make sure the .avi file is less than 716,801 KB. If the file is larger than that is will need to be split. Double click your Nandub shortcut from your Start > Programs > Gordian Knot > Apps (Or for the CD Installation, either your Start > Programs > DVDtoDivX Toolbox or from your desktop folder, DVDtoDivX Toolbox, if you created one during installation.) After Nandub starts, Press File > Open video file... and navigate to your Project folder where your DivX file is and double click on it to open it.

Next, press Video and select Direct stream copy.

Then press the Home button on your keyboard. Press Edit > Go to last keyframe....

The Jump screen will display.

Here enter the CD size minus about 2 MB. Since you can only cut by keyframes it is likely that if you enter the exact size of the CD the next keyframe will be a few MB after that limit and the file will be too large.

Press OK and Nandub will move forward to the cutting point. Press the End button on your keyboard. Press F7 to save the first part.

After saving, press the Home button on the keyboard, move the slider at the bottom of Nandub to the right, press End and F7 to save the second part. This is very fast. It only took about 2 1/2 minutes to split a 1.2 GB file.

Copy to CD

To copy your movie to CD, open Nero Express (if you have another program, the steps will be similar). If you have a DVD Writer, select CD-R/RW.

In the What would you like to burn? box, select Data > Data Disc.

Then press the Add button and navigate to your Project folder where your movie is. Add your movie and press Finished.

Press the Next button on the Disc Content screen. Here you can change the Disc Name.

Be sure to uncheck Allow files to be added later so the disc will be finalized.

Press the Burn button.

When the Data verification completed successfully screen displays, your done!

Copy to DVD

Copying your movies to DVD is similar to copying to CD except that you can add multiple movies during the Add on the Disc Content screen. Keep in mind that a typical DVD can hold 4.7 GB of data. So, basically, you should be able to add up to 4700 MB or 4,812,800 KB of movies. However, Nero only allows 4500 MB or 4,608,000 KB. That turns out to be around 6 movies on the average.

Also when Nero starts up, be sure to select DVD instead of CD-R/RW

Everything else is basically the same.

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