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Connecting Your PC to Your TV |Stand Alone DivX Player | Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter

Playing DivX Movies On Your TV

Connecting Your PC to Your TV

I built a PC specifically for connecting to my 55 inch wide screen TV and surround sound system. The case is black to match my stereo equipment and has a front panel to hide my white DVD drive. It also has front USB, firewire, and audio jacks, which are hidden by a flip up panel, and makes it easy to connect my external hard drive. I'm not going to go into detail on how to build a "media" PC in this guide, but I plan on putting together a guide, much like this guide, on how to build a media PC.

What you need to know for now is that you will need a video card with TV out to connect to your video input on your TV and you will need a Y-adapter audio cable to connect your PC audio to your L and R audio inputs on your TV. A wireless keyboard and mouse is a good idea but not necessary. I use the Gyration wireless keyboard and mouse, which I just love.

Stand Alone DivX Player

I have not tried out any stand alone DivX players, but have read up on them a little. You basically have two ways to go: build one yourself or buy one. Some models I have read about are the Mecotek MK-X4000, Umax DVX6100 and Philips DVD-737. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any for sale in the US. However, there are several websites you can purchase one from. I would definitely read as many reviews as I could before ordering.

Below are several reviews I have found:


Below are several sites you can order from (I have no idea about their reliability or reputation or even if they deliver to the US):

If you are interested in building your own, below are several websites that might interest you: My next project is to build a stand alone DivX player as cheap as possible with all the latest features. I will publish a guide,much like this one, with all the details when I have completed it.

Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter

The Terk Leapfrog WaveMaster 30 Wireless Multiroom Audio/Video Distribution System ( Model: LF-30S) is suppose to transmit A/V signals from a single source to multiple destinations, virtually anywhere in your home, without wires. The set includes a 2.4GHz transmitter, one receiver and all necessary cables.

I had read a review on this product and it didn't sound very good, but I thought I would test it out for myself. For this to work, the PC must have video out on the graphics card. I connected the video out line on the graphics board to the transmitter's video input and connected the audio out line from my mother board to the transmitter's audio input to using a Y-adapter audio cable. I connected the receiver's video and audio outputs to my TV's video and audio inputs. Then I set my PC monitor to TV Out. Then I played the movie from my hard drive.

When I had the TV in the same room as the PC, the movie looked just OK, about the quality of a VHS tape. When I moved the TV to the other side of the house, I couldn't pick up the video at all.

Conclusion: This is not an option!

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