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1/31/13 changed their message format again. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I updated ... More Info >>

Cinema Premiere Deluxe Movie Manager 1.1 - SOFTPEDIA '100% CLEAN' AWARD

The editors of Sofotex has awarded Cinema Premiere a 5 start rating.

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Movie Manager Features
- Options

There are three options screens and one to reset the options back to their initial values.

  1. Miscellaneous - Here you can choose which screen to display when the movie manager starts, define the movie file extensions to search for on your hard drive, add your own genre types, and define your list of media types you will have.
  2. Search Defaults - This is where you can set up all your default search criteria including your parental control password. When you go to the Movie screen, it automatically searches for movies on this set of criteria.
  3. Display - Not everyone will like the same screen colors so this is where you can select the colors for each level of screens and buttons.
  4. Reset - It just allows you to reset any or all of the options screens back to their original values.